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Angelina Jolie’s crusade for sustainable fashion

Championing sustainability through legislation

Angelina Jolie has transitioned from the silver screen to the forefront of sustainable fashion with her brand, Atelier Jolie. Her active support for the Fashion Act, a pioneering piece of New York legislation, underscores a shared commitment with The Collectives Amsterdam to combat the fashion industry’s environmental impact. This legislation, demanding transparency and environmental accountability from major brands, mirrors The Collectives Amsterdam’s ethos of promoting a more responsible fashion consumption model.

A coalition for change

The Fashion Act, backed by over 80 brands including sustainability pioneers like Stella McCartney and Patagonia, reflects a burgeoning movement within the fashion industry towards greater accountability and sustainability. Jolie’s collaboration with these brands, alongside her work with artists and designers to promote sustainable practices, resonates with The Collectives Amsterdam’s mission to offer secondhand and vintage designer clothes as a sustainable alternative to fast fashion’s fleeting trends.

Craftsmanship and sustainability hand in hand

Jolie’s focus on reviving craftsmanship through Atelier Jolie captures the essence of sustainable fashion by valuing the artistry and longevity of garments. This principle of cherishing well-made clothing aligns with The Collectives Amsterdam’s initiatives, which not only extend the lifecycle of luxury garments through resale and rental but also emphasize the importance of quality and sustainability over disposable fashion.

Angelina Jolie’s journey from launching Atelier Jolie to advocating for the Fashion Act illuminates a path towards a more sustainable fashion industry, one that The Collectives Amsterdam strides upon through its commitment to secondhand and vintage designer fashion. Together, they underscore the pivotal role of collective action and innovative legislation in fostering a more environmentally conscious and ethically responsible fashion landscape.

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