- The Collectives -

- The Collectives -


It was somewhere between a shopping addiction and a confronting Netflix documentary about the polluting fashion industry, that our founder Aarti O’Varma started to question her own shopping behaviour.

After working in the industry for many years, she had always been ‘into fashion’. By following the seasonal trends and buying the latest collections, she had curated a designer wardrobe most women could only dream of.

However, lately she got fed up with her shopping behaviour. She got tired of overconsuming and spending way too much money on items she couldn’t always afford. But she also got tired of the fact that this overconsuming contributed to an already very much degraded environment.

- About -


She – and many other in her surroundings - knew something had to change. They wondered why they felt the urge of buying something new, knowing only an average of twenty percent of their current wardrobes is worn. However, it wasn’t that simple, which made them torn at the same time. Because, how can we consume less, save money and contribute to a more sustainable world on the one hand, but continue our love for fashion on the other hand?

The answer to this question came after Aarti opened up her phenomenal designer wardrobe to her friends. Lending out her clothes and seeing how much happiness other women could get out of her outfits, made her wardrobe so much more special. She soon realised we don’t need to keep buying new clothes to feel stylish or glamourous; we just need to open up our wardrobes to each other.

And so, an idea was born. In 2019 Aarti started The Collectives, that thrives by the ethos that you can have access to your ultimate wardrobe without breaking the bank or harm the environment. Instead of just buying an unlimited number of new items, wearing them once or twice, and giving them a way too early retirement, we’ll give them the life they deserve. We extend it.

By renting items from other fabulous closets or renting out your own collection, you can minimize your part in the global overconsuming issues. With The Collectives community you don’t need to add more to the pile,

just start renting!

- Plans -

Choose your way
to rent a designer item.

- Plan 1 -

Pay per

Pay separately each time you rent a item

- Quick & easy
- No commitments

If you just want one item without
signing up or ongoing commitments

- Plan 2 -

Pre paid

€1/ per credit

Pre-pay for credits which are used to rent

- Discounted cost
- Credits can be used to buy other

If you want several items at a discounted

- Plan 3 -

You want a

€80/100cr per month

Pay monthly for high-volume access
to our items

- Best price per item
- Keep unused items

If you have a regular need for items and
want the cheapest possible price


- How to ask -

Ask Questions.

I’d like to lend out my clothes. What should I do first?
Please contact us via telephone, email or Instagram DM to make an appointment. If we’ve set a time and date, you can stop by our showroom in Amsterdam Oud-West. If you’re not able to stop by our showroom, we can also - on request – pick up items or bring them to you. For this service an extra fee applies. Together we’ll select the items that fit into The Collectives’ closet.
What is the showroom’s address and what are its opening times?
WG-plein 239, 1054SE. We’re open from Tuesday to Friday between 09:30 and 14:30. It’s also possible to stop by another time of the day, but make sure you make an appointment first. If you’re not able to stop by our showroom, we can also - on request – pick up items or bring them to you (only in Amsterdam). For this service an extra fee applies.
What can I expect from The Collectives’ collection?
We offer both clothing, bags and accessories from the following brands: Isabel Marant, BALMAIN, SAINT LAURENT, CELINE, THE KOOPLES, IRO, Dodo Bar Or, ROTATE and many, many more! Most sizes are between 34-42. We expect this size range increases as The Collectives grows, since the sizes of our items depend on the garments brought in by The Collectives’ clients.
Do I remain the owner of the items I bring in?
Yes, you’ll remain the owner of al the items you bring in. Our role as a platform is to give your items the spotlight they deserve in our online store and showroom. In the meantime, you remain the rightful owner.
Do I need to dry-clean the items before I lend them out to The Collectives’ closet?
We preferably take in only dry-cleaned items. If you cannot do this yourself, we can do this for you. For this service an extra fee applies. We’ll make sure your items are dry-cleaned after every rent, to make sure they stay in a mint condition. These costs are on us.
Do I need to photograph the items and upload them to the online store myself?
No, we’ve got you! We’ll take care of the whole process of styling, photographing and uploading the items to our online store.