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Elevate your wardrobe with The Collector

Personalized shopping service by The Collectives Amsterdam

Discover a unique and sustainable approach to curating your wardrobe with The Collector, our exclusive personal shopping service.

Style Consultation

The Collector begins by understanding your desires—whether it’s a complete wardrobe overhaul or complementing your existing style. We delve into your preferences, needs, and aspirations to curate a shopping experience tailored uniquely to you.

Closet Scan

Together with The Collector, explore your existing wardrobe. Uncover hidden gems and identify gaps. This collaborative process ensures that new additions seamlessly integrate with your current collection.

Moodboard Creation

Witness your style come to life as The Collector crafts a personalized moodboard. Primarily featuring pre-loved items from The Collectives collection, this moodboard captures the essence of your unique style. Occasionally, it may include curated pre-loved finds or sustainable pieces from new brands.

Curated Selection

The Collector presents the curated selection, giving you the autonomy to decide which items align with your vision. Whether it’s a vintage gem or a sustainable brand addition, the choice is yours.

Costs The Collector

The costs for this unique personal shopping experience is 99 euros per hour plus the costs of the selected items.

Experience the joy of conscious and curated shopping with The Collector at The Collectives Amsterdam. Elevate your style sustainably, one thoughtfully selected piece at a time.

Elevate your wardrobe with The Collector – the pinnacle of personal shopping.

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