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Gray Label: Pioneering sustainability in children’s (and adult) fashion

Embracing the essence of childhood

Founded in 2011 by Emily Gray, Gray Label stands at the forefront of sustainable children’s wear, championing a design philosophy that puts the child at the center. With a focus on timeless, minimalist, and comfortable collections, Gray Label allows children to express their true selves through soft-colored essentials made from the finest 100% organic cotton. This commitment to simplicity and quality resonates deeply with The Collectives Amsterdam’s ethos of sustainable and meaningful fashion.

Innovating for a sustainable future

Gray Label’s dedication to minimizing environmental impact is evident in their unique initiatives like Gray Label Restore, Resale, and Rent. These programs not only promote the longevity of garments through upcycling and reuse but also embody a circular fashion ethos, encouraging the community to participate in a more sustainable lifestyle. By aligning with ethical and socially responsible processes, every Gray Label item carries the GOTS certification, ensuring that from production to your child’s wardrobe, the clothing is as environmentally conscious as it is elegant.

A community-centric approach

With an Amsterdam brand store located at Constantijn Huygensstraat 31, Gray Label invites locals and visitors alike to experience their sustainable collections firsthand. The store’s opening hours cater to a wide audience, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to engage with Gray Label’s vision of a better future for our children and the planet. This physical space not only showcases Gray Label’s commitment to eco-friendly fashion but also strengthens the bond between sustainable brands and the communities they serve, a mission heartily supported by The Collectives Amsterdam.

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