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Reinventing fasion: the bettter way

A visionary’s journey: Julie Pelipas and

Creative powerhouse Julie Pelipas, having carved her niche in the fashion world as the former fashion director for Ukrainian Vogue and a recognized stylist, launched in 2020. Her vision? To redefine sustainability in fashion by leveraging upcycling, not just for environmental benefits but also as a support mechanism for the Ukrainian community. Amidst challenging times, including the onset of a global pandemic and the devastating effects of war in her homeland, Pelipas’s resolve only strengthened. emerged as a beacon of innovation, securing a spot on the 2023 Vogue Business 100 Innovators list and positioning Pelipas as a frontrunner for the prestigious LVMH fashion prize.

Sustainability meets style

At the heart of lies a commitment to revolutionizing the way we view and consume fashion. By focusing on upcycling, Pelipas and her team are not just recycling materials but are creatively enhancing them, proving that fashion can be both aesthetically pleasing and ecologically responsible. This philosophy aligns with The Collectives Amsterdam’s ethos of cherishing the life cycle of garments and advocating for a more sustainable fashion industry.’s upcycled garments are a testament to the potential of innovative technologies in making the fashion industry more sustainable.

A community united for change

Beyond fashion, aims to forge a strong connection between the global fashion community and Ukrainian talent. The platform,, showcases the richness of Ukraine’s creative industry, offering support and visibility to local enterprises and talents amidst challenging circumstances. This initiative reflects a broader mission of fostering unity and support through the power of fashion, resonating deeply with our goals at The Collectives Amsterdam.

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