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Revolutionizing circular fashion with Save Your Wardrobe

Digital wardrobe: a gateway to circular fashion

Save Your Wardrobe brings a unique solution to sustainable fashion, offering a digital platform that helps users and brands embrace circular fashion. By uploading their entire wardrobe, users can make the most out of their garments, connecting with their favorite brands and local clothes care specialists through the app.

Comprehensive aftercare services

From mending and eco-cleaning to upcycling and custom sneaker cleaning, Save Your Wardrobe offers an array of services nationwide across the UK. This one-stop shop for clothing care supports the extension of garment life, promoting sustainable practices that are cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Award-Winning innovation and community impact

Winning a LVMH Innovation Award in 2023, Save Your Wardrobe’s use of AI technology facilitates a seamless user experience, encouraging sustainable consumption and wardrobe management. By supporting local businesses and reducing unnecessary purchases, the platform fosters a community committed to a more sustainable future.